Kajan Chow is a music connoisseur, curator and sound manipulator. He is moving forward within the contemporary electronic- and sonic- landscape with an experience of 15 years. As a versatile artist, Kajan appeared in the US, Netherlands, Belgium, Malta, Bulgaria, Tel-Aviv, Poland, Croatia, China and UK.

Playing as resident in the worlds most beautiful restaurant: The Jane Antwerp** by Sergio Herman and Nick Bril, Kajan has a refined way of exploring, defining and maintaining the harmonious balance between fine-dining and music-pairing. You will hear him play slo-mo funk & soul, jazz, electronica, house and delicate techno in his beloved 6-hour DJ sessions. Kajan is known for embracing diversity in his musical pallet and therefore he is music curator for high-end venues such as Pure C. (**), Blueness Bar Cadzand-Bad and Hotel August Antwerp.

When it comes to peak-time club and festival sessions, Kajan likes to keep house and techno as inseparable elements. Working as live-duo Omega Zen Omega Zen, he performs all analogue live sets and produces music for boutique brands and festivals. Kajan’s most recent project is Pilot Wave Live, by Rotterdams’ long time house protagonists Kajan Chow, Steven Pieters and multi-instrumentalist Michiel Renger.

His strong roots at the coast of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (NL) amplifies his role as founder of Zeezicht Festival and NED.

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

〉Founder at Nu Even Deephouse (N.E.D.) – www.facebook.com/nuevendeephouse.
〉Resident DJ/ Music Selector at The Jane Antwerp** – www.thejaneantwerp.com.
〉Frequency seeker at Omega Zen (Live) – www.facebook.com/omegazenmusic.
〉Conductor at Pilot Wave (Live) https://www.instagram.com/PilotWaveLive/.
〉Co-Founder at Zeezicht Festival – www.zeezichtfestival.nl.

〉Music Curator for Pure C**, Blueness Bar, August Antwerp, IGNIV Zürich.


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