Kajan Chow is a music connoisseur, moving forward within the contemporary electronic- and sonic- landscape with an international DJ-experience of nearly fifteen years. Next to being resident DJ of The Jane Antwerp**, he also curates Nu Even Deephouse, is the co-founder of Zeezicht Festival, and performs live as Omega Zen.

He carefully selects tracks to define and maintain the harmonious balance between music and fine dining at The Jane Antwerp. Kajan prefers to embrace diversity in his sets; contagious house grooves and complex techno are inseparable elements for him. However, don’t be surprised if you hear him start out with funk, instrumental hiphop, soul and jazz-rhythms in one of his beloved ‘all-night long’ down- / mid-tempo dj-sessions. This makes him an outstanding match with The Jane.

His versatility in handling and designing dj-sessions brought him to respectable places as The Egg, Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Cafe d’Anvers, along with appearances in Poland, Bulgaria, Tel-Aviv, Miami, and China.

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Co-founder & Curator at Nu Even Deephouse (N.E.D.) –
Resident DJ/ Music Selector at The Jane Antwerp** –
Frequency seeker at Omega Zen (Live) –
Founder at Zeezicht Festival –


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